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Traveling Scents

I used to just skip bringing perfume on trips with me because obviously if those suckers ever broke, say goodbye to your nostrils and good luck getting the smell out of everything you own. Ever. 

Since then, I've found some super easy ways to travel with scents. The first ones I love are roller balls. (And Beach by Bobbi Brown makes one, so.......sold! Not pictured...which is quite honestly making me really upset. Search commencing right after this post.) I also keep these in my regular every day purse for touch ups.  


I went to Ulta yesterday. If you haven't experienced the beauty mecca that is Ulta, I highly suggest you go. Soon. This time, I found what I thought was a lip balm when in reality, it was a Pacifica solid perfume! Why yes, I WOULD like to smell like Tahitian Gardenia, thank you very much! How did they know?! Pshhh. These are great for when you can't take liquids with you or need something smaller--and for 9 bucks, they're a great deal. I've also found that the staying power of solid perfume is stronger than the rollers.  

The last time I was at Ulta, I found DKNY Be Delicious roller ball perfume and was hooked. It somehow smells like green apple and yet also something that you want to bathe in. Fresh and tangy. 

If your favorite scent doesn't come in a travel size version, you can pick up one of these small refillable atomizers at a drugstore or beauty supply store for about $3. Simply take the spray top off of your perfume and connect the bottle to the little part that sticks out and pump it full. The side is clear so you can see how full it is. So cool!  

The last thing I found are these great deodorant wipes by Pacifica. I loved that they don't contain any of the harsh aluminum normally found in some deodorants out there. I figured they wouldn't be very strong, just a great freshener for travel, but I had to try them out immediately. Ok, so they smell like delicious, subtle coconut and a day at the beach, but when they say "odor neutralizing," they really mean it!! Have you ever just put new deodorant on to try and cover up your stinky pits? Well, I have, and it ends up smelling like some sort of rotten flower. Ewwww. These wipes actually REMOVE the odor and leave a very light, clean scent behind. I'm sure I looked like a total weirdo smelling my armpits all day ;).

I will say that if you're looking for an anti-persperant, these might not be for you. I didn't feel that they kept me dry when I was working out, but they don't claim to be antiperspirants, just deodorant. They are a pretty miraculous product and now one I can't live without this summer! Would be great for camping, after a workout, and any time that showering isn't an option. Enjoy!

  • June 01, 2015
  • Molly Alexander