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The Evolution of a Design

© Molly Alexander, Lazy J 2014

© Molly Alexander, Lazy J 2014

I wanted to show you guys how my designs start...and how they eventually end up. This is a design I've been commissioned to do for our town's 50th anniversary! I usually start by jotting a little idea down on a notepad, then move on to researching what I'll draw--in this case a shark. 

After looking through some really crazy looking shark pictures, I gather a few, print them out, , use them for inspiration and get to drawing. Once I'm happy that my design is 'blocked out' enough, I'll scan it into the computer. There, I can resize certain elements much easier than drawing. After I get the proportions how I want them, I print out the new drawing, put it under a sheet of vellum and redraw the whole thing with ink. 

I scan it back into the computer, edit using Photoshop and Illustrator, add in the type and alter it to look like it's being chomped on, and voila! Look out for this new design soon...I'm also having some samples printed up for Men and Women. Very exciting! 


  • April 01, 2014
  • Molly Alexander